We Know This Story: It’s Her Fault

It’s impossible to ignore the media coverage over the last several days about General David Petraeus resigning from his job heading the CIA. We invited Lisa McIntire to offer some insight into how the media has portrayed women in this very public affair.

We know this story: the powerful man felled by the scheming seductress. So when news started to break about General David Petraeus’s affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, reports of the scandal immediately adhered to familiar lines about the hot home wrecker and her hapless victim.

Consider the quotes that Business Insider happily prints from a pseudonymous friend of Petraeus: “You’re a 60 year-old man and an attractive woman almost half your age makes herself available to you — that would be a test for anyone.”

Really, how could a four-star general who survived a gun shot to the chest and lived in some of the world’s worst war zones possibly be expected to resist an “available” woman? As Business Insider concludes, “The General fell victim to the one thing that can destroy a military leader’s reputation faster than death: Seduction.”

That’s right: Petraeus is the victim. At no point was he a rational human adult with free will because, merciful heavens, an attractive woman showed up.

The Washington Post takes pains to note that “Former aides say Broadwell’s attire — usually tight shirts and pants — prompted complaints in Afghanistan, where Western-style attire can offend local sensibilities. Her form-fitting clothes made a lasting impression on longtime Afghan hands.”

So where do we line up for the public stoning? Remember: it’s Broadwell’s sartorial judgment on trial here, not Petraeus’s conduct.

And an ABC News article emphasizes where the blame lies: this obviously crazy lady with her obviously crazy feelings.

“People close to the general had previously suspected Broadwell’s feelings for him had crossed a professional line. They found the biographer, who spent a year embedded with Petraeus in Afghanistan, to be embarrassing and far too ‘gushy’ about him.”

It’s heartbreaking to consider how the four-star general was literally powerless in this situation: an IED of gushiness.

Let me be clear here: this next quote from a Daily Beast article was, in fact, written in the year 2012 and not in a 1940s film noir: “The besotted Broadwell may have viewed the curvaceous Kelley as a threat. Broadwell may be able to run a six-minute mile with Petraeus, but Kelley looks like a woman who lets the guys do all the running—and in her direction.”

Let that soak in, then prepare yourself for this: “it remains pitifully ironic that Petraeus could come to such grief over a little sex under a desk in a war zone where thousands of people were and are earnestly seeking to blow other people to bloody bits. Shoot but don’t schtup? And just because Broadwell performed the literary equivalent of sex under a desk does not mean that any actual sex is anybody’s business.”

Case closed, I guess?

So many more details are emerging about this story — another general! a shirtless FBI agent! a Tampa socialite! — that it will remain difficult to keep our focus on what’s truly important: blaming the harlot who brought down a general.


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3 Responses to “We Know This Story: It’s Her Fault”

  1. Avatar of yourspiritualtruth
    yourspiritualtruth November 14, 2012 at 5:18 am #

    Yep, another example of the wrong person being punished for another person’s actions. Yashar, seems we’re on the same page today. Read today’s blog: http://yourspiritualtruth.com/2012/11/14/punished-for-speaking-our-truth/

    Thank you!

    Lauri Lumby

  2. Avatar of saeraisartsy
    saeraisartsy November 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    I have long seen that a woman in that situation is blamed, when simply put, that man was on the look out for his affair, and he gets off as if some witch forced him into it, isnt it about time, women stop being blamed for this kind of thing. I wouldn’t do it myself, getting involved with someone married, but truth is, he probably sweet talked her, wwas looking to cheat, its a common theme, and the woman gets blamed.
    It actually serves to lose respect for any grown man in society who cannot own up to his own choices, of cheating. Great article!

    • Avatar of carolnoel1209
      carolnoel1209 February 2, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

      Well, of course it’s her fault. Even if the man sets out to seduce her and charms the pants off her (literally) and uses her for sexual assault practice and lies to his wife about her and when this awful, terrible woman tries to stand up for herself and say, “Hey, what the hell are you trying to do, Sir? Are you really trying to insert your fist up my vagina?” Well, that’s her fault too because she’s the woman and he’s the man and not only is she the other woman in a very long line of “other” women but she happens to have manic depression and he is a psychologist and even though the man drop kicked her so hard it sent her into deep depression and then the wife came to his rescue with a lawyer’s letter to scare her off (this is nothing new to the woman here. She has gotten her hubby out of hot water many times) and she says this in her list of complaints: “After she received the letter from our lawyer, she stopped bothering us. She only stopped bothering you both because that letter from YOUR attorney was the breaking point for this evil wicked woman that wound up in three psychatric hospitals, very very ill but hey, that hubby of yours asked me this when I told him over the phone: Hey, it’s interesting that you are a psychologist because I had a nervous breakdown when I was 21. The very next thing hubby asked was, “Did I cause that breakdown?” Oh, no. I am so sorry to tell you that you had nothing to do with that breakdown. I can hear the disappointment in your voice. “But, oh, concerned one, take heart because between the wife, the lawyer and of course the YOU all contributed to her huge breakdown where she in and out of three psychiatric facilities that your innocent husband finds some kind of thrill in causing because he is, how would you describe this man, Missy? I would have to say he is a sociopathic sadist and you are not far behind. As a matter of fact, you may very well be the ringleader here. But, hurting this “other” noncom woman that your hubby decided was his “right” to experiment on sexually and he even believed he was entitled to ruin her life for a few years because look how powerful he is! Well, he’s only as powerful as you let him be, I suppose But I have no argument with you two. You work as a team and you are bad people. What is just so fascinating is the fact that you think that you are always right and you always do the right things when you never do the right thing – unless you can profit from it somehow. Mommy? Oh, I’m sorry. You are the “wife” and not the mommy. Well, of course the man is innocent and actually it was the woman that was trying to shove her own fist up inside her right? He could convince Jack the Ripper of his innocence but so could you, Missy. He makes up all kinds of stories and then the wife makes up all kids of stories in order to protect her “man” who is only hiding behind her while she uses scare tactics and lists one lie after another lie after another lie in a court order to appear to which names her poor, defenseless co-psychologist as innocent as a babe in the manger. This is not her first time at protecting “Sir Galahad.” She is extremely hilarious when she lists all of what I – the person this man sexually assaulted but paid had no consequences because I was unable to file charges due to the fact that I was in one more hospital and I actually blocked this little awful sex thing right out of my mind because it was so very bad for this manic depressive woman that hubby tried to insert his fist into. Missy claims I am violent, ready to pounce on her at any moment, I have threatened her with physical harm, used my son to call her and while my 16 year old son was telling her whatever she heard my voice in the background “coaching” my son on what to say, have told her I am coming to get her and my response to all she has said is, “Are you seriously thinking that you will be able to continue rescuing that slippery snake called you husband from all the damage he has done to various women over the years of his “I’ve been married for 92 years now and I am happily married.” (In all fairness, he never said, “I have been married for 92 years AND I have been faithful.) Will this wife let you get away with murder? I am not being facetious here. When you hang out with rapists and murderers and they tell you all about fist fucking because that’s what some of these rapists do after they have raped the hell out of the woman. After you master fistfucking, are you moving on to raping as the next exciting step in your criminal mind? Just to make her feel like killing herself, they insert their entire fist up into her vagina because it hurts and it is evil. Evil people do evil things and the people who try to “protect” these evil people are also evil people. So, I guess the moral here is evil seeks its own level and that is another evil person. Stay away from evil and if you are confused as to who is evil and who is not, just listen to what they have to say very closely because, as practiced and manipulative as this poor man is, he will slip up and let you know exactly where he is coming from. Women are a bit tougher and are more skilled at applying their “feminine ways” (sorta like a Jane Austen soap opera novel.) At the end of this form that listed me as so many bad and awful things there is a section that states “If the item that this Attachment concerns is made under penalty of perjury, all statements in this Attachment are made under penalty of perjury.” What this means is that nothing she states is the truth. I guess she didn’t read that part because her lies were very funny but they were not the truth. I suggest you both stop this harmful practice because you are hurting women and then when these women complain, Missy, you bring out your ammo – lawyers, lies, threats, and more nonsense than I can believe. This surely scares Good Boy’s women away so you don’t have to be annoyed or bothered by their petty complaints. Get yourselves off of me and leave me and my family alone for ever. If you ever come back at me with one more lie or one more scare tactic, it will be such a big court case that will have to go to trial and then think about the jury, for heaven’s sake. Are you certain you would like to compare your pristine lifestyles to mine? Do not come back. Please notify me of the class action suit. I would love to be a part of that.

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